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[6.0] First Infos
Here now, first Infos from Offi Korea about 6.0 (english Translation for Aion 6.0 found on Github!)

New Stats:

New Mana and Enchantment Stones:
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New Manastone Slot Expansion:

New Transformation System:

New Transformation Potions:
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I think with 6.0 the game will be massively changed, much more then from 2.7 to 3.0
Here some infos

Aion 6.0] New Elyos Prologue, Aion 6.0] New Asmos Prologue
 Following maps are removed
- Verteron
- Eltnen
- Theobomos
- Iluma
- Altgard
- Morheim
- Brusthonin
- Norsvold
- Kaldor
- Levinshor

 Removed Consumables ] [ Removed Designs ] [ Removed Quest items ] [ Removed Stigmas ] + all skillbooks
I think that will be definitively K.O for the Aion Emu
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Stigmas aviable
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So many changes! 

This will be difficult to keep up with.
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more info about aion 6.0 can be taken here:
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Strange :-)
Some MMOs  are dying because of lack of revenue from subscription or from their ingame shop to develop
more stuff, but Aion still comes with big development changes but they have the same survive difficulty as other

However if on Korea runs fine, there will be no problem to run also the Europe servers.
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i have an account on KR server for Asmo side, i will be glad to know that i can help you guy to get the packet
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I have some 6.0 packet code , maybe it can help you.
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Aion will be a fresh new mmo once 6.0 hits the EU/NA.

It brought a lot of koreans back to the game!
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